The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular semi automatic rim fire rifles. It is chambered in .22 long rifle and has a removable 10 round rotary magazine. The removable magazine allows the magazine to fit with the stock. As with most modern rifles, Ruger 10/22 has a wide variety of accessories as well, however the most popular ones are the stocks. In this article we shall have a look at the wide variety of Ruger 10 22 stocksavailable.

A stock is a part of a firearm to which the barrel and the firing mechanism are attached. It is important as it provides a way for the shooter to firmly support the device which allows easy aim and it also is useful as it transmits recoil into the shooter’s body. Due to the important functions served, stocks are available in large customizable varieties. The various ruger 10/22 stocks which are available are:-
1) Archangel Standard 10/22 rifle system
This stock is manufactured by Archangel and is among the most popular ruger 10/22 stocks. It is a six position tactical stock and comes with a built in storage, a muzzle device, picatinny rail and a bayonet lug.
2) Adaptive stock
This stock comes with a removable barrel .It also boasts of an adjustable buttstock and a reversible rail which can be removed when not needed. The adjustable buttstock secures spare magazines for reloading with ease and it also boasts of an optional monopod which fits inside the pistol grip It comes in a variety of colours.

3) Thumbhole stock
This stock is also one of the most popular ruger10/22 stocks and is known for its distinct features like palm swelts, a semi beavertail forehand, a vertical thumbhole grip, a rubber built and a semi gloss finish which is weather resistant. It also has cutout areas which reduce the weight. It comes in colours like electric blue, woodland camo.

4) Axiom R/F stock
This stock is configured as a tactical carbine stock and is constructed of reinforced polymer, it boasts of a precision receiver fit and ambidextrous sling mounting locations. All this features really make it unique among other ruger 10/22 stocks. It fits both standard spotter barrels and 920 degree bull barrels.
5) Heavy barrel adjustable stock
This stock is specially crafted for heavy barrels which are mostly used by the military .It boasts of a SAW style pistol grip which has a hidden compartment and a pica tinny rail on which the user can mount forward grips, pods or gun light.

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