Shooting Targets

12/16/2009 4:19:28 PM leShooting targets .com here as well. mostly i use dea dots, shrinking dots, and seb’s. for alot of combat focused shooting type of drills. rooster4bravo

Grip Pod

5/9/2012 10:08:38 AM Hmmm….that’s a lot of grip pods for one person to have. Considering that, and their appearance, might they be stolen govt. property? Sumoj275


Tuff Writer Operator Tactical Pen Monday, 21 February 2011 Tuff Writer has been keeping busy and offers yet another variant of their tactical pen design.

MIL-SPEC MONKEY … Wednesday, 08 July 2009 01:39 Lowy USA has a great webbing type and color selection including some of the harder to find webbings such as scuba …

MIL-SPEC MONKEY … Sunday, 08 July 2007 04:11 This area will be for displaying long barrel firearms considered rifles or carbines.

Pork Eating Crusader – Patches – MIL-SPEC MONKEY STORE
Pork Eating Crusader – Patches For the pork eater on

Monkey Made Morale Patches … If you are going to bang one, you might as well bang them all. Product Details

The Firearm Blog » NCIS upgrading to SIG SAUER .40 S&W P229 and …
NCIS upgrading to SIG SAUER .40 S&W P229 and P239 pistols. NCIS contract calls for over 2,000 pistols to replace the aging fleet of refurbished M11 (SIG P228) pistols …

Monkey Made Morale Patches … For those who always seem to find a way to suck the fun out of everything.

Student Government passes initiative to support Prop. 1

Student Government passes initiative to support Prop. 1
Student body president Thor Lund, vice president Wills Brown and several other students presented initiative AR 15 at Tuesday’s Student Government meeting. The initiative calls for Student Government support of Proposition 1. Proposition 1 …

N0 Cruelty to Animals
Besides killing as many coyotes as possible they plan on giving a free shotgun and TWO AR-15 Assault rifles to the idiot who brings them the most carcasses. That is all we need, more Assault Weapons in the hands of idiots who enjoy indiscriminate killing.

Broken Arrow police getting upgrade in firepower
All Tulsa officers are issued shotguns. AR-15 rifles are optional with training. This story has been corrected. Broken Arrow: Read previous stories related to Broken Arrow and get contact information for Broken Arrow officials. BROKEN ARROW …

Veriforce Tactical Adds New AK 47 and AR 15 Accessories and Rotating Weekly Specials Just in Time for Sport Shooting Season
Veriforce Tactical, a retailer and manufacturer of high quality AK 47 and AR 15 accessories that has been serving the online retail space since 2003, has recently expanded their already robust inventory in anticipation of sports shooting and hunting season.

US bloke prints his own gun
According to ExtremeTech HaveBlue from the AR-15 forum claims to be the first person to construct and shoot a pistol partly made out of plastic, 3D-printed parts. He apparently managed to fire 200 rounds with his part-plastic pistol without any sign of …

Monica Parra of Ajo Stopped on Way to Mexico With Guns and 66,000 Rounds of Ammo
The agents dug out several packages inside the specially made compartment in the truck bed and found guns and ammunition, including: * An AK-47 assault rifle and 30,000 rounds of 7.62mm ammo; * An AR-15 assault rifle and about 20,000 rounds of .223-caliber …

Debate answer on assault weapons ban could cause problems for Obama
Used mostly for hunting and target shooting, the AK-47 and AR-15, which is a civilian version of the U.S. military issue M16, these so-called assault rifles are used in fewer than 1 percent of all violent crimes in the U.S., according to studies …

Psychiatrist report and hints of motive detailed in new Holmes documents
The new documents describe where investigators found three guns. A shotgun was found in the theater, an AR-15 was found in the vicinity of the theater exit door and a .40 caliber handgun was found in Holmes’ car. The documents also describe what evidence …

Hunter Kysela bags a big buck in Blaine County
I told Hunter to get ready and I would grunt at the buck that was now moving farther away with each second. Hunter was shooting an AR-15 in 6.8 SPC as he had the two previous seasons, and he is deadly with it. I grunted and the buck stopped and looked our way.

Sniper Rifle, Guns Found in Calif. Student’s Car

Sniper Rifle, Guns Found in Calif. Student’s Car
A 20-year-old San Diego State student faces charges after officers discovered a cache of firearms in the trunk of his car. KFMB-TV reports ( David Robert Moore III initially attracted the attention of undercover officers …

Rifle recovered in Yala raid belongs to sergeant killed in July
An assault rifle seized during a police raid in a remote area of Yala on Wednesday belonged a police sergeant who was killed in an ambush in this deep south province in July, a police investigator source said Thursday. The raid in Raman district resulted …

Plans to Build Specialized TBI Centers Underway
Marine Maj. Steve Taylor, who had unknowingly suffered a concussion in Afghanistan after a roadside explosion, was at a takeout pizza dinner with his family at Camp Lejeune, N.C. There was some teasing over the toppings, causing him to fly into a rage.

Chris Brown’s Terrorist Halloween Costume: Bearded Breezy Wears Turban, Waves Assault Rifle
Given his history, you wouldn’t think Chris Brown would want to associate himself with violence and destruction. But Breezy clearly likes courting controversy: On Halloween, the 23-year-old R&B star and his pals dressed up with beards, turbans and fake …

AF Academy ‘Snow’ Tradition Erupts Into Brawl

Chicago’s Cook State falls bullet levy, retains rifle levy
That senior executive in the state which includes Chicago decreased any offered levy about bullets about Saturday nonetheless saved a plan to levy guns to support defray medicine and health bills from the higher quote regarding rifle. “It is important to …

Binoculars, scopes enhance birding experience
If you watch birds at the feeder outside your window, the birds are usually close enough to see with your naked eye. But if your feeders are away from your window, or you want to see a bird in a tree farther away in your yard, you may want to invest in a …